Adobe illustrator Mastery Course

Welcome to your Adobe illustrator Mastery Course

How can you add functionality to Illustrator

What color mode is best suited for print?

What happens when you press Ctrl + N?

What color mode should you use for a print document?

The stroke of an object is the object's:

Adobe Illustrator is best suited to...

How do you get a photo reference image to stay in your Illustrator project?

Which is not part of CMYK?

To open a saved document use:

How do you change the opacity of a color?

Which of the following is an Illustrator transformation tool?

Which color palette should you work in when designing graphics for the web?

Line segments between anchor points are referred to as _____________.

How do you change the color of a shape?

How do you create a curve while using the pen tool?

How do you get a reference image or photo into Illustrator?

What is a gradient?

How can you use size to create emphasis?

How do you select a shape that has no fill?

What color mode is best suited to web usage?

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