Ultimate MS Office Course

Welcome to your Ultimate MS Office Course

Advertisements option available in _________Tab in PowerPoint.

CTRL + D is the Shortcut key for Delete the Slide

MS Publisher has many pre-created documents that you can edit. These are called....

Which is the default file extension for MS-Word files?

What is the Default Font used in MS Word Document?

Moving a paragraph in MS-Word from one place to other can be done by?

Filter option available in _______Tab of Access

We Can Import data from Text file to Access

Microsoft Access is use to

In order to type text on publisher page we use this Option.

We cannot Draw Shapes in Publisher

F5 is Use for Slide show in PowerPoint

Formula bar use to show formula in Excel

Which of the Following is Not a Valid Zoom Percentage in Excel?

How Can we Set Page Border in Excel?

The command Ctrl + C in MS-Word?

We can Change Slide by using _______Tab In PowerPoint?

What is the Correct Extension of PowerPoint Show?

Shortcut Key for save Command in Microsoft Word

What is the Shortcut key to select all object?

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