TallyPrime With GST Course

Welcome to your TallyPrime With GST Course

How Many Ledgers are Created When we Create a New Company?

Shortcut Key For Calculator?

Shortcut Key For Delete Company?

Shortcut Key For Detailed?

To create Purchase Order press ___ and ___ keys together.

A Financial Year (FY) is the period between 1 April and 31 March.

Sales Tax Ledger falls under which Group?

Online voucher creation from Day Book report by pressing

_____ is the shortcut to Payroll Auto fill from Payroll Vouchers in Tally.

Payroll Auto fill is done through.

Deprecation Provide on?

What is Under Group of Share Investments?

What is Under Group of Discount Earn?

Shortcut key for print?

Double Entry System was introduced in

The tax collected by the seller from the buyer is generally called.

What is Under Group of Brokerage?

Which shortcut key is used to enable Tax Deducted at Source [TDS]?

There are _____ predefined ledgers.

To change the date, shortcut used.

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