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How can you remove the Selected columns in Power Query?

How can you remove the Unselected columns in Power Query?

In Power Query we can remove blank rows by single click

Power Query we cannot remove errors

We cannot jump on excel when Power Query window is open

What is the latest excel version you should have to use power query without installing its Add-in?

In Excel 2016 & leatest version, To Open Power Query Editor you need to use these steps: Power Query > Get & Transform > Get Data > Launch Power Query Editor.

In Power Query, you have data with Geeta name and you want to Replace the "Geeta" with "Gita", what steps do you need to follow to do the same?

Where can we check the applied steps in power query?

We can Rename Table in Power Query

Is it true that Power Query is an Excel add-in that you can use for ETL?

What does ELT means in Power Query?

You can load data into power query editor from different data sources, like, CSV, TXT, JSON, etc.

Can we create a report from 100 Excel files using Power Query?

To Open Power Query Window, we follow the Steps

How can you rename the column name?

Use First Row as a Headers option available in _______Tab of Power query window

We Can Import data from Text file to Power Query

Power Query Remove Top rows option allow you to remove _____Rows

Close and Load to Used for

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