Microsoft Publisher Course

Welcome to your Microsoft Publisher Course

The publications of publisher are saved with extension .ppt.

Before existing publisher, it is not necessary to close all the publications.

What is the Shortcut key to select all objects?

Advertisements option available in _________Tab.

You cannot add a hyperlink to an outside website.

In Microsoft Publisher Page design tab is use for _______

Does Publisher and Word have similar navigation ribbons?

We Can Set Guide lines in publisher.

To open the Microsoft publisher by keyboard, what we need to type in search bar?

Each tab is divided into:

What is the Shortcut key to Close open File publisher.

We cannot Draw Shapes in Publisher.

Publications include:

Publisher is used to print document.

To create New File in Publisher we use Below Shortcut.

Keyboard shortcut to Undo and Redo.

What are the Perfect uses of Microsoft Publisher.

If you want to remove a portion of the picture, you can use the ____________tool.

We can Add Calendars into page in Microsoft publisher.

Close the publication by clicking button in File menu.

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