Master Microsoft Access Course

Welcome to your Master Microsoft Access Course

Microsoft Access is a _____

Which of the following is not a type of Microsoft access database object?

In MS Access, A subset of characters within a data field is known as

Press _____ to quit MS Access.

____ is not a valid data type in MS Access.

_____ enables the user to automatically insert numbers in a sequential or random number.

A _____ is an area reserved for a specific piece of data.

What is the maximum length a text field can be?

In Access, ____ are used to store the data.

Which tool do you use to create a query object?

In MS Access, Open the Save As dialog box

Which of the following is the ascending order of data hierarchy?

To create a table in MS Access

The checking operation performed on input data is called the

This form displays multiple records, one per row, in the form window

In a database table, the category of information is called ____

The columns in a Microsoft Access table are called as ____

In MS Access, OLE objects Data type can store

To create queries in Access

Which of the following is not a valid Data Type in MS Access?

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