Excel VBA Programming Course

Welcome to your Excel VBA Programming Course

What does VBA stand for?

Which of the following would NOT be a good use for a macro?

_________ is used for finding out about objects, properties, and methods.

What is the scope of variables?

The Cancel Button property belongs to which object?

___________ function is used to return a copy of a string without leading spaces.

VBA code can work only with Excel

If you record a macro, where will it be stored?

What is the correct object order?

Which variable is used to store text?

What will this macro do? Sub copy() Range("A1").Copy Range("B2") End Sub

Option Explicit will obligate us to

Which shortcut will open Visual Basic Editor?

Which language is not a true object-oriented programming language?

Which does the solution explorer not display?

Which are the standard prefixes for the Button and Combo box controls respectively in .NET?btn and chb

Which is not true about forms and controls in Visual Basic?

Which is not a property of the Common control class?

In event-driven programming an event is generated by?

The Rnd statement will generate a(n)?

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