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To Get summarize record without using formula in Excel Can be done by.

Shortcut key to Insert Chart in Excel after Selecting a Data.

An MIS information comes from the,

In Map chart Report we are using _________

Line, Column, Win/Loss are the ______type of group of Charts.

What is the Shortcut key to Find and Replace in Excel?

When you Insert a Chart or Create Chart on data then these New tabs appears?

In you Insert Pivot table these new tabs appear in Ribbon section.

Rows and column data can be interchange with the help of

Higher value and Lower value can be showed in Single chart that chart know as.

______ is known as the father of data warehousing.

______ is known as knowledge discovery database.

Prototype is a ______

One Slicer can link to many Pivot Tables.

Pivot table Option Available in _________Tab.

We can not change the slicer style and design.

A transaction is a simple process that takes place during business operations.

The information flow in MIS should as per the,

Slicer can be Add for any Column in Pivot Table.

In Pivot Table we can add Time Line only when if Data content Date or Time column.

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