Excel Mastery Course

Welcome to your Excel Mastery Course

The Name Box Appears at the?

Functions in MS Excel Must Begin with _____________________ ?

VLOOKUP Function Used to?

Shortcut to Delete the Selected Column?

We cannot jump on excel when Power Query window is open

We cannot merge tables in power query.

Which of the Following Keyboard Shortcut Can be used for creating a Chart from the Selected Cells?

Which of the Following is Not a Valid Zoom Percentage in Excel?

Except Which of the Following Function, A Formula with a Logical Function Shows the Word?

What Type of Chart will you Use to Compare Performance of Two Employees in the Year 2019?

Excel Keyboard Shortcuts can be Apply inside power query.

We can Rename Table in Power Query.

When you Insert a Chart or Create Chart on data then these New tabs appears

Formula Palette is Used to?

What is Shortcut to Enter Current Date in Cell in Excel?

In Power Query we can remove blank rows by single click.

Which of the Following Methods Cannot be Used to Edit the Content of Cell?

In Pivot Table we can add Time Line only when if Data content Date or Time column.

Slicer can be Add for any Column in Pivot Table.

The things are possible in Power Query

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