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What is the Shortcut key to select all objects?

Which Shortcut Key is used to Hyperlink in MS-Word?

Formula bar use to show formula in Excel.

In the Field List of a table, the primary key appears __________.

What is Shortcut to Enter Current Date in Cell in Excel?

Which of the following unit is responsible for converting the data received from the user into a computer understandable format?

Google sheets can be linked with Google forms.

____ button reduces the window to an icon but word still remains active.

Filter option available in _______Tab of Access.

What is the Default Number of Lines to Drop for Drop Cap?

Which of the following identifies a cell in Excel?

Mail Merge option is use to.

A formula in Excel always begins with an ____

Which of the following is the default numbers of worksheet in MS Excel?

______ inserts a new worksheet.

Which of the following Data Type is used to store picture in MS Access?

what is a shortcut key for add comment?

Formula Palette is Used to?

The valid format of MS word is............

Where is pivot table in google sheets.

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