CorelDRAW Graphic Design Course

Welcome to your CorelDRAW Graphic Design Course

What is Corel Draw?

The CorelDraw, was initially released in .............

We can get how many types of pattern in CorelDraw?

What is the shortcut key to display a full screen preview of the graphic or drawing?

What is the shortcut key to toggles snapping to objects?

CorelDraw is a _________ based drawing Application Package.

Which tool is not a basic drawing tool in a 2d image program?

____________ is used for selecting and deselecting objects?

What is the shortcut key to specifies fountain fills for objects?

Apply add perspective from___________?

Spacebar toggle between the current tool and the Pick tool?

Is this possible that W brings up the navigator window allowing you to navigate any object in the document?

Which of the following submenu convert the .cdr file in .jpeg format?

F3 the shortcut key to zoom in on all objects in the drawing?

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite was originally developed for ............

How many color separation in CorelDraw?

Corel draw was written in?

What color separation does the graphic work has with red, yellow, black and white?

Shortcut key for Option dialog box is Ctrl + J.

We can rotate guides in CorelDRAW.

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