Complete Video Editing Course

Welcome to your Complete Video Editing Course

What is Shortcut key to split video?

We cannot extract Audio from video

Transitions are not available in Filmora

A video consists of a sequence of

Digital Editing is known as:

What is at the center of video production?

When framing a shot what should always be considered.

Oldest form of video editing is:

What is the Shortcut key to Import Media files?

Following options available in Recording Button

We can Add multiple tracks for audio, Video, Text and Images

We cannot add Images while Editing video

We Can undo in Filmora while editing video

Keyboard shortcut to Export Project

Basics elements of Video Editing are:

Following are the menus of Filmora exclude

To create New Project in Filmora we use Below Shortcut

What are the three elements of the story?

What is the place called where we drag all the footage?

You can cover a jump shot with

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