Advance Diploma in Computer Application (ADCA) Course

Welcome to your Advance Diploma in Computer Application (ADCA) Course

Which of these is a search engine?

Which tool is not a basic drawing tool in a 2d image program?

Slicer can be Add for any Column in Pivot Table.

Power Query we cannot remove errors.

Transitions are not available in Filmora.

Ms-Access We can multiple queries on Table

Shortcut Key For Detailed?

The command Ctrl+ P in google sheets?

Which Menu contains the Duplicate Layer option in Photoshop?

Is it true that Power Query is an Excel add-in that you can use for ETL?

Which of the following is not a term pertaining to spreadsheets?

Which Item Appears Dimly Behind the Main Body Text?

To create New File in Publisher we use Below Shortcut.

Can you import an Illustrator document into InDesign?

The tax collected by the seller from the buyer is generally called.

What is the Term used when you Press and Hold the Left Mouse Key and More the Mouse around the Slide?

Shortcut to Delete the Selected Column?

What is at the center of video production?

Which of the following is not a valid bar in MS-Word?

When you Insert a Chart or Create Chart on data then these New tabs appears.

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