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Photoshop Full Course

March 20, 2022


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You will Learn Photoshop CC 2019

You will learn a Basic to Advance options of Photoshop which will help you to make expert in Photo Editing, I have use very simple and detail explanation method that any one can easily understand Photoshop tools, For your reference you will get 1st and 3rd Unlocked you can watch directly without purchasing course once you watch that you will come to know about my explanation method.

इस कोर्स में फोटोशॉप के सभी टूल्स एक्सप्लेन किये गए है, जिन्हे सिखके आप एक एक्सपर्ट फोटो एडिटर बन सकते है | , इमेज के टाइप्स कोनसे होते है ?, इमेज में Resolution क्या होता है ? पिक्सेल्स क्या होते है ?, इमेज के प्रपोशनलिटी कैसे मेन्टेन किए जाती है? ऐसे बेसिक क्वेश्चन से लेकर फोटोशॉप में लेयर का पूरा यूज़ करना, साथ में फोटोशॉप हर एक मेनू हर एक ऑप्शन को कैसे यूज़ करना है ये भी आपको इस टुटोरिअल में सीखने मिलेगा | इस कोर्स में आप को कोई भी इमेज को क्लियर कैसे करते है ?, फेस पर आये ब्लैक डॉट कैसे निकलते है?, पासपोर्ट साइज फोटोज कैसे बनाते है ?, इमेज को ग्लो कैसे किया जाता है? और फोटो प्रिंटिंग के टिप्स भी इन्क्लुडे है | इस कोर्स के वीडियोस रिकॉर्डिंग में है तो जैसे जैसे वीडियो रिकॉर्ड होंगे वैसे अपलोड किये जायेंगे | 1 Aur 3 Number के वीडियोस आपको कोर्स ट्रायल देखने के लिए अनलॉक है अभी आप देख सकते है जी |




Course Benefits

  • Change Image Background
  • Improve Image Quality
  • Layer Menu Use
  • Use of Selections Tools
  • Filter Effects of Photoshop
  • Edit Image Like Pro
  • Lighting Effects on Image
  • Make Passport Size Photo
  • Use of Shapes in Photoshop
  • Create GIF Images for Advertising
  • Printing and Publishing Tips
  • Learn Photoshop Actions
  • Create your Image Automation
  • Creating PNG Images
  • More Options are Give Below
  • Creating Poster in Photoshop
  • Creating Logo in Photoshop
  • Create Double Exposure Effect
  • Remove Fences Effect

materials include

  • Graphics Courses
  • Video Tutorials
  • All Practice Files
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 47 Lessons

course content

49 Lessons10h

Photoshop Video Tutorials

5 – Photoshop – Selection Tools and Feather Effects12:23
6 – Photoshop – Use Lasso Selection Tools00:10:28
7 – Photoshop – Fit Image into Object using Transform00:12:29
9 – Photoshop – Use of Quick Selection and Magic Wand tool00:11:20
10 – Photoshop – Use of Pen Tool – Blur Image Background00:10:38
11 – Photoshop – Change Image Background00:9:32
12 – Photoshop – Use of Shapes00:16:7
13 – Photoshop – Apply Effects on Shapes00:6:31
14 – Photoshop – Text Fire Effects00:13:44
15 – Photoshop – Text Tools and Options00:13:35
16 – Photoshop – Download Design Fonts & Hindi Typing00:10:00
17 – Photoshop – Text Effects00:11:15
18 – Photoshop – Create PNG Image00:05:38
19 – Photoshop – Create Pattern00:09:55
20 – Clone Stamp Tool00:09:23
21 – Photoshop – Remove Black spot from Face00:06:21
22 – Photoshop – Create GIF Image00:10:59
23 – Photoshop – Create Animated Advertise00:10:48
24 – Photoshop – Layer Panel Options00:13:17
25 – Photoshop – Advance Crop00:12:4
26 – Photoshop – Create advertising Template00:14:29
27 – Photoshop – Healing Brush Tool Content Aware Tool00:19:57
28 – Photoshop – Brush Tools00:15:42
29 – Photoshop – Pattern Stamp Tool00:9:26
30 – Photoshop – Art History Brush tool00:8:25
31 – Photoshop – Eraser Tools00:12:30
32 – Photoshop – Gradient Tool00:11:26
33 – Photoshop – Blur Tool, Smudge Tool00:6:47
34 – Photoshop – Dodge, Burn, Sponge Tool00:08:00
35 – Photoshop – Pen Tools in Details00:22:27
36 – Photoshop – Create Your Custom Shape00:19:19
37 – Photoshop – Create Layer Mask00:07:13
38 – Photoshop – Double Exposure Effect00:07:28
39 – Photoshop – Actions – Reduce 1000 Image size with one click00:14:01
40 – Photoshop – Create Poster00:18:46
41 -Photoshop – Remove Fences Effect00:08:12
42 – Photoshop – Image Menu – Color Tones, Replace Color00:14:38
43 – Photoshop – Convert to Smart Object00:9:54
44 – Photoshop – Cliping Mask – Add Image into Mobile cover and Text00:13:08
45 – Photoshop – 3D POP Out Effect in Photoshop00:11:23
46 – Photoshop – Select Menu in Detail00:15:58
47 -Photoshop – 50 Shortcut keys to Boost working Speed00:21:12

Trial Paper and certificate, Final Exam for Certificate

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Every option has explained very easily....u r a well trainer... keep it up Sir...

good course that deserve such type of rating, explain very well each tool with practical

your read very well sir
thank you sir

Very good sir

Very good

sir aap online mai bhi itna ache se samjhate ho or sare tools bhi ache se clear krte hai thanku sir aap ki help se maine bohot kuch sikha hai.

This application is totally awesome teaching style is too good I love this

Excellent teaching skills thank u so much Sir...

WOW....! GREATE EXPERIENCE SIRJI.Khupach chaan shikavata Satish Sir tumhi. Futuremadhe asach ek ILLUSTRATOR cha pan chaan video tumhi banavalach ashi mala tar khatrich ahe.Thank You Sirji from the bottom of my heart.Goodluck


इस कोर्स में आपने बहुत ही अच्छा पढाया और समझाया है
कोई भी कोर्स करलो बहुत ही अच्छा है

Excellent Teaching Skill, Really, God Bless You.

Great course and thank you so much

Learn Most of PHOTOSHOP tools in very simple language.
Working with PHOTOSHOP tools with different way.
(from file menu, from shortcut & from right click)


Over all course was good

Thanks for this course.

Great Course sir your teaching style is very well.

Master Mind.

Aapne mast sikhaya hai.

Good teaching

सर आप लाजवाब पढाते है

Perfect Sirjee

skill bhi mil rhi hai sath me sir k funny jokes se pdhne me bhi mja aa rha hai

the amount of money you are taking for such vast amount of knowledge is highly commendable hats off sir


Very helpful course

best Thanks for this amazing course with affordable price

Sir,Photoshop CC 2019 course complete ho gaya, abhi After Effects main course banay. please.


nice sir.....

Sir nice job, thank you for great traning.

इतने अच्छे से समझाने वाले इतने सस्ते टीचर बहुत मुस्किल से मिलते है
थैंक्यू सर आप बहुत से स्टूडेंट को अपने पैरो पे खड़ा होने का सकती देंगे आपका आभारी रहूंगा सर
जय श्री कृष्णा जय श्री कृष्णा

Thankyou so much Sir for helping us to improve our photoshop skills. Your way of teaching is full of fun, amazing and to the point & you deserve 5 star.

Dear Sir, it\'s pleasing to enroll for the Photoshop course in Learnmore Pro. Your teaching way is amazing and pleasing. Thanks for all your support and guidance. The course is very useful to get thorough knowledge of Photoshop. Your enthusiasm is remarkable. Thanks!


I have no word for this course. Because this courses is reliable for everyone who wants carrer in the field of photoshop.

Very helpful course sir...thanks alots.

Too much good anyone can easily understand

Sir, you are genius. Very well explained. Thanks

Great Job Sir Ji

Teaching skills very nice dear sir

Good morning sir you are my best teacher your teaching method is fantastic I love you sir very much


best explenation of sir i am glade to joint

Hi Satish, Reference video 14 PS caption fire effects in text, i carried out the entire procedure but in end product i found background colour blacl which was set got changed to somewhat blackish brown, why so, furthermore i noted edges were quite conspicuous, how can i smooth those, please advise

Awesome, Amazing and very good course for Graphics designing. The way you teach is also fabulous. I am very interested to learn more in Graphics designing. A small request, please upload Adobe Illustrator also, so that I can learn more tools and create amazing graphics using this two softwares. Thank you Sir.

you are great sir. teaching technic.. is very good sir

Good sar very nice
Mujhe textile design weak touching shikhna hai kya aap shikhaoge

you are great sir. teaching technic.. is very good sir

It is really a very well designed course. llustrations are so intuitive and are very lucidly epitomized indeed. The way lessons are taught, I bet students of any level can learn Photoshop with ease. nThank you so much, Sir!

thank you sir veery good i am bsf person very good

Dear Satish sir ,I am Gurmel Singh, 57 year old from Punjab Chandigarh. Good experience , Teaching technique is very good. nThank you sir.

you are great sir.. you have a good teaching technic.... i really appreciates now......

it is a amazing course sir.. Thank you so much sir..

I just wannnn thank you sooo much sir

Very very Thank you sir given the best knowledge to online

Nicely desiged to teach newer or freshers or begainers in a small time. I will definitely appreciate your way. in favour of begainers, It will be better, if well suggestion regarding software for Photoshop will be given i.e from where to get? how to get? how to installed? etc.

You are really Superb sir.
Sir an honorable request please add a chapter on clickable e-mail signature in photoshop & process to adding in Gmail.

I am Krishna Kumar, 38 yrs old living in Delhi but from Kerala and really like the way you teach and since 2019 I am not working and hope this course will definitely help me. I would like to learn animation in Photoshop as I saw lot of videos in youtube with amazing layer effects. Please add more tutorials sir.

Excellent online class sir

Good experience talk your voice is very good

Dear Satish, I am retired as Professor from AMU, Aligarh. After 35 years of teaching and academics, I wanted to learn some different things. I am now learning Full Photoshop Course from you. You are a great teacher and being a Maharashtrian you have a wonderful command on Hindi. Keep doing good service to all Indians and all the best. M. SALEEM

Sathish sir, You are an extra ordinary teacher. I never thought that I can learn photoshop online. With much hesitation I joint the course, and completed successfully. I am happy with the course and recommend students to join this course. It is worth learning online, and with practice one can become expert in photoshop. Thank you Sathish. - Subhash from Kerala.


U are awesome sir, love from Assam

I felt that I did not learn Photoshop, I would have seen many YouTube books, but no solution was found, once I was searching for some questions on YouTube like this, I watched the YouTube of Learn More Pro, I thought it was great to see that I did not delay anything. Having done a Photoshop course, I learn from it today and I also teach it? All the credit for this goes to my Satish sir who has made such a course that anyone can learn well? I heartily thank Satish Sir and Learn More Pro and all their team. thank you satish sir

aap ka padhane ka tarika bahut badhiya hai

Nice sir

Really Very good trainer.

Real nice video sir thanks
Tally course pls upload sir

I've never completed a course like this before and I cannot express how great the instructor was and the overall content of the material. I would definitely recommend this to my co-workers as well as friends. I will be looking into taking more of these classes through ONLC in the near future. Thank you

Awesome style of teaching.
Thanks sir.

Dear Sir, I am from Pakistan and when I saw your video tutorials on Youtube I was very impressed. I fully saw your Corel Draw and Adobe tutorials on youtube and really admire your efforts. I purchased 3 courses back to back just because of your great teaching method. Keep growing sir. Allah Bless You.

Tanaji Bhandurge nice sir

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐its a five star, i am clicking but star is not getting clicked.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
It's a blessing to come across a proper doctor, just like that we are lucky to have a mentor like Sathishji....really appreciate sir's earnest effort to give best education to students and develop skills. By studying all courses, Sathishji is helping youth to start their own business. All tutorials are super easy to understand, like a small child holds finger of their father, just like that is sir's tutorial .
Thank you Sir.

Please send me your WhatsApp number I want to send you a Animated creation which I learn from you. With regards.

Satish Sir aapke padhane ka tarika bohat hee alag hai aur bohat accha padhate hai......aap aise hee naye videos banate rahiye hum aapke bohat aabhari hai.dhanyavad sirjiiiiiiii....

सर तुम्ही खूप सुंदर शिकवता , तुमचे ऑनलाईन क्लास शिकून आम्हाला खूप मदत होत आहे
मी बाळासाहेब इंगोले वय ३३ वर्षे आहे माझ फोटोस्टुडिओ नसून सुद्धा मी तुमचा कोर्स विकत घेतले आहे
आणि मला खूप मदत झाली आहे धन्यवाद सर

Teaching style very simple and understanding

thank u sir making my interest in photoshop image editing.

Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.
keeping guiding teenagers like me.Thanks

mujhe bahut hi jaruri tha photoshop sikhana maine aapka youtube pe ek hi video dekha aur turant ye course liye abhi 20 tutorial dekhe lekin maja aa raha hai sir sikhane ka. bahut shukriya itne kam fees me itna badiyan course dene ke liye

Dear Sir
thank you for making video on shadow effect on pictures photoshop

your verry good work ok

Flax design karne ke liye video baniye

I Have currently Watched first 3 Videos and really Impress with your teaching style..ek hi Bolungi "Agar aise teacher bachpan me milte na to phir padai kabhi bor nahi lagti"

Really Sir in this much cheap price you are allowing us to learn easily and smartly. you are really great

Your are Not only a trainer, you are Entertainer.... Superb Bhai 3 ra wala video to bhai kalam ka tha ...kuch sikhana to mujhe boring lagta tha lekin ab nahi

You are really superb sir. i didn't saw any man like you who is all rounder.

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सतीश सर की तरफ से ये साल की सबसे बड़ी ऑफर है इसे मिस मत करना

जल्दी कीजिये ऑफर कुछ ही घंटो के लिए है

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