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Google Sheets Full Course

March 4, 2022
7h 41m


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Now every organization switching there task on google sheets to work smart, to work in group, and mainly to work from home so if you are one of them then this is for you but if you are thinking that “it’s not my cup of tea excel is OK for me.” Then I must tell you that you are not upgrading yourself.

तो आप क्या सीखोगे ?

Excel में जो डाटा आप मैनेज नहीं कर सकते वो आप गूगल शीट में क्वेरी फार्मूला से आसानी से कर सकते है |

गूगल शीट में आप एक साथ मल्टीप्ल लोग काम कर सकते है | और सभी को अलग अलग टास्क दे सकते और हर एक को प्रोटेक्ट सेल्स में काम दे सकते है |

Course Benefits

  • Work on Multiple sheet
  • Use of Pivot Table in Google sheet
  • Create Dashboard in Google Sheet
  • Data validation in Google Sheet
  • Merge Multiple sheet in Google sheet
  • Create Google Forms
  • Use Mail Merge in Google sheet
  • Create Bar code in Google sheet
  • Use of Query Formula
  • Many formulas of Google sheet

materials include

  • 60 Lessons
  • Video Tutorials
  • All Practice Files
  • Course Completion Certificate

course content

62 Lessons7h 41m

Google Sheets Full Course Videos Tutorials

3 – Google Sheets – Inserting and Deleting Sheets, Navigating Sheets (Watch Free)00:11:48
5 – Google Sheets – Enable Keyboard Shortcuts, Format Sheet00:8:19
6 – Google Sheets – Hyperlink and Insert Comment00:8:40
7 – Goolge Sheeets – Share sheets with multiple people and word together00:8:24
8 – Google Sheets – Insert Chart & Format Chart -100:10:31
9 – Google Sheets – Insert Chart & Format Chart – 200:11:30
10 – Google Sheets – Sort and Filter Options00:12:22
11 – Google Sheets – Save Filter, Create Filter00:07:29
12 – Google Sheets – Filter formula00:7:15
13 – Google Sheets – File Menu – Save Version History, Open Excel file00:10:00
14 – Google Sheets – File Menu – Publish file to web00:06:09
15 – Google Sheets – Printing Tips00:08:20
16 – Google Sheets – Edit Menu – Paste Special00:10:16
17 – Google Sheets – Edit Menu – Find and Replace00:08:45
18 – Google Sheets – View Menu – Freeze Panes00:8:45
20 – Google Sheets – Insert Menu – 2 – Google Forms Link to Google sheets00:11:13
21- Google Sheets – Insert Menu – 3 – Check Boxes – Create To do List00:06:02
22 – Google Sheets – Format Tab – Conditional formatting, Number formatting00:11:36
23 – Google Sheets – Data Menu – use of Slicers00:07:10
24 – Google Sheets – Data Menu – Data Validation00:17:18
25 – Google Sheets – Pivot Table – Create summerize reports00:12:22
26 – Goolge Sheets – Add Named Ranges and apply formula00:07:15
27 – Google Protect Worksheet and Range00:09:07
28 – Google Sheets – Split Text to Columns, Remove Duplicates00:8:41
29 – Google Sheets – Macro Recordings00:10:6
30 – Google Sheets – Accessibility Options00:6:36
31 – Google Sheets – Mail Merge – Send Bluk Emails00:09:14
32 – Google Sheets – IFS formula use00:04:44
33 – Google Sheets – Text Join and Concatenate formula00:07:38
34 – Google Sheets – Google Translate formula00:04:38
35 – Google Sheets – Vlookup and Hlookup in Google Sheet00:12:13
36 – Google Sheets – Countif, Countifs, Sumif, Sumifs00:12:30
37 – Google Sheets – Sumif, Sumifs Formula in Google sheet00:05:04
38 – Google Sheets – CountUniqueIFS new formula00:05:31
39 – Google Sheets – Sparklines Formula BarColumnline Chart00:09:32
40 – Google Sheets – All IsFormula – Isemail, IsNumber, Istext00:07:30
41 – Google Sheets – Create QR Code using Formula00:05:57
42 – Google Sheets – All useful Text Formulas00:11:43
43 – Google Sheets – All useful Number Formulas00:09:35
44 – Google Sheets – Get Uniue Record00:03:27
45 – Google Sheets – Use of Query Formula – Remove Blanks00:06:36
46 – Google Sheets – Import Data from Web00:04:19
47 – Google Sheets – Merge Sheets Data00:07:15
48 – Google Sheets – Merge Workbooks00:12:54
49 – Google Sheets – Remove Blank rows tricks00:06:12
50 – Google Sheets – Offset Formula Introduction00:09:15
51 – Google sheets – Real Use of Offset Formula00:9:20
52 – Google Sheets – Created Monthly report dashboard00:11:13
53 – Google Sheets – Sequence and Rand Formulas00:05:45
54 – Google Sheets – Unique Rank Formula-100:07:20
55 – Google Sheets – Send Auto Email – Add-Ons-100:14:31
56 – Google Sheets – Copy Down Formula Add-Ons00:11:58
57 – Google Sheets – Query Formula -100:08:21
58 – Google Sheets – Query Formula – 200:07:38
59 – Google Sheets – Query Formula – 300:07:42
60 – Google Sheets – Project On Query Formula00:20:23

Trial Paper and Final Exam for Certificate

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Good.really learn more..thx

Thank you sir for providing this useful course.

Thank you sir for this course
I used it in my school

Awesome Course.

गूगल शीट में इतनी सारी चीजे होती और आपने बहुत आसानी से बताई है, ये कोर्स कम्पलीट करके आज लग रहा है की गूगल शीट मास्टर हम भी बन गए , दिलसे शुक्रिया आपका जो इतनी कम फीस में इतना बड़ा कोर्स दिया

very good course

Sir, your course, syllabus and your way of teaching is simply superb, for that I give you 5 stars, but almost 90% of the videos are available in Youtube, free for everyone. Then what's the point of paying for it?

Very nice


I am using google sheet in my office since last 4 years. i improve my knowledge of google sheet by this course. specially thanks for different formulas and query.

ये कोर्स कम्पलीट करके आज लग रहा है की गूगल शीट मास्टर हम भी बन गए , दिलसे शुक्रिया आपका जो इतनी कम फीस में इतना बड़ा कोर्स दिया

Great course

Awesome course. Thank you so so much sir.

Need to be better

very good knowledge

The course is very comprehensive and easy to understand. I personally found this course very useful. Thank you sir !

Good platform for learning something new

very good course

Sir You are really awesome and obviously your every videos are also very perfect and simply anyone can learn anything from you

The entire course was taught very smoothly, concept was made understood very easy and in a simple language, And the best part was the "Real Life Project" which was explained in a very easy manner bit by bit and finally clubed, Satish Sir is the best part!!

Great work sir ji

this is very amazing course after finish this course mere job lag gai hai wo bhi ek baut achi reaputed company thank you sir ye sb apki vajeh se hua hai
aap sabhi ko ager life kuch karna hai to jaaror is course ko buy karna chyhe aur bane ek selfmade students and earn lot of money

Nice but video quality poor

This course is curated in order to make students fully aware of Google Sheets and the similarities or differences it shares with MS-Excel. The content is extremely practical, job oriented and didactic which enables even those who are not good enough with spreadsheets to clearly understand what it means and how does it functions. The formulae taught in this course are very much empirical and easy to implement in our lives. So, Kudos to Satish Sir for elucidating a complex topic in such an intriguing manner. This ain't my first course with Learn More Pro and for sure, wouldn't be the last either.

Enjoyed every bit of your demonstration and example. If you could design a course to link Google sheet with Awesome Table then it would be wonderful. Thank you. I feel I have not wasted even a single rupee on my investment. My return was much more than my initial investment.

I am impress with your PowerPoint course that's why I enrolled to this and I must tell you sir this one is also best course.

Thanku sir for providing this Useful Course

Ye course mere liye hai sahi me bahut jaruri tha ji, maine youtube video dekhe par jyada tar english me hi the par ab mujhe mila sahi wala course, bahut Shurkiya ji

गूगल शीट में इतनी सारी चीजे होती और आपने बहुत आसानी से बताई है, ये कोर्स कम्पलीट करके आज लग रहा है की गूगल शीट मास्टर हम भी बन गए , दिलसे शुक्रिया आपका जो इतनी कम फीस में इतना बड़ा कोर्स दिया

Sir You are really awesome and obviously your every videos are also very perfect and simply anyone can learn anything from you

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