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Filmora – Video Editing Full Course

October 26, 2021
3h 26m


5.00(21 Ratings)

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अगर आप सोच रहे आप का भी एक यूट्यूब चैनल हो, और आप भी वीडियो अपलोड करके डेर सरे पैसे कमाए तो आपको प्रोफेशनल वीडियो एडिटिंग सीखनी चाहिए जो ये कोर्स आप को सीखा देगा, इसमें फ्लिमोरा के हर एक ऑप्शन को एक्सप्लेन किया है की वीडियो एडिट करते समय अपना टेक्स्ट कैसे ऐड करेंगे, वीडियो के आगे इमेज ऐड करके बैकग्राउंड धुंदला कैसे बनाये, वीडियो में ग्रीन स्क्रीन वीडियो कैसे ऐड करे, background म्यूजिक कैसे ऐड करे और आपकी आवाज के दौरान बैकग्राउंड म्यूजिक कैसे कम करे, वीडियो का स्पीड बढ़ाना, वीडियो में किसी जगह ज़ूम करना, वीडियो में कांटेक्ट नंबर या पर्सनल इनफार्मेशन छिपाना और ढेर सरे इफ़ेक्ट निचे लिस्ट दिए है मैंने आप क्या के सीखोगे |

टोटल २० वीडियोस अपलोड किये है | 


Course Benefits

  • Advance Video Editing List is Given Below

materials include

  • Edit Video Professional
  • Add Lower Third
  • Add Background Music
  • Create Green Screen
  • Audio Snyc

course content

30 Lessons3h 26m

Video Editing Tutorials

1 – Filmora Introduction00:7:43
2 – Filmora – Record Computer Screen00:13:20
3 – Filmora – Split and Adjust video00:8:11
4 – Filmora – Light Settings on Video00:12:57
5 – Filmora – Add Image over video and Crop it00:8:49
6 – Filmora – Add Animation and Sound Effect for Image00:10:39
7 – Filmora – Adding PNG, GIF Image and apply Blur Effect00:16:33
8 – Filmora – Synchronize External Audio00:9:55
9 – Filmora – Import Background Audio and Audio Effects00:8:36
10 – Filmora – Adding Lower Third, Customize Text in Video00:14:26
11 – Filmora – Pan and Zoom, Crop and Apply Transitions00:10:27
12 – Filmora – Create Ready made Intro, Add Freeze Frame00:13:59
13 – Filmora – Extract Audio and Add Volume key-frames, Create MP300:12:1
14 – Filmora – Effects, Element, Split Screen00:11:58
15 – Filmora – Add Green Screen properly over video00:8:13
16 – Filmora – Create your own Green screen lower third and logo effect00:9:35
17 – Filmora – Highlight Screen Points using shapes Arrows, Rectangle00:8:26
18 – Filmora – Right click Options Increase or Decrease video speed00:7:37
19 – Filmora – Add Marker, Record Audio, Audio mixer, zoom in and Hide Track00:6:31
20 – Filmora – Export Video and Preferences Settings00:7:58

Video Editing Tutorials With Free Software * New Chapters *

Trial Paper Final Exam for Certificate

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Satish sir i appreciate you for your effort and excellent teaching style

Excellent teaching I will give 5 stars

Lession 15 sound issue please check sir because this is very important lession

Sir aapne bahut acche se aur bahut bariki se is topic ko cover kiya thank you very much for this tutorial

Bhaiya aap ka har ek course bahut achha aur powerful hota hai.


Best course, easy to understand and Every little things are explained, thank you SIR ji

Very interesting course thank you sir

Best Method And All point Explain....

Tanaji Bhandurge very nice sir teching good

Thank you sir

Very nice teacher hai sar


Teaching method is very simple and easy. Anyone can catch-up all things in watching video only one time.... Great

If one is serious about changing your life for the better in IT, Satish sir will lead you every step of the way.

Sir You are a genuine teacher .... master blaster in teaching I love your teaching technique ...learned a lot of new things...

Course Is Excellent But Satish Sir Now Filmora X Is Launched Kindly Make New Features Vedio on This Course. Thank You

Course is excellent.

Excellent sir.

bahut accha corse hai dhavle sir thank you

Good method of teaching