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Excel VBA Mastery Course

September 23, 2021


5.00(9 Ratings)

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In this course you will Learn a Complete Excel Automation, I have created a comprehensive Course of Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Application) you can take ideas from the given course content but till I wanted to tell you I have spent more than 60 Days to create this VBA course, I created a Lots of time-saving projects and Include step by step guidance of that project so that you can create similar project according to your requirement or you can change existing one, This course is for both people whether you are a programmer or you may not have a programming background but don’t worry I have explained the Programming concept in an easy way. You will learn basic to advance Excel VBA from given content also I am Providing all the practice files related to course content. at the end of this course, You will be able to create a complete excel automation project which will work with a single click, you will be able to create Advance Data entry forms, also you will be able to create your own add-ins.

इस कोर्स में आप एक्सेल VBA ऑटोमेशन कम्पलीट सिख पावोगे, मैंने लगबग सभी TOPIC को इस एक्सेल VBA कोर्स में ऐड करने की कोशिश कियी है, इस कोर्स में क्या, क्या कंटेंट है इसकी आईडिया आपको कंटेंट देखकर आ जाएगी पर फिर भी मैं आपको बताना चाहूंगा इस कोर्स तैयार करने के लिए मैंने ६० दिन खर्च किये है और इस कोर्स में बहोत सरे टाइम सेविंग प्रोजेक्ट कैसे बनाते है ये स्टेप बाय स्टेप गाइड किया है, उसे देखकर आप वैसे खुद के जरुरत के अनुसार प्रोजेक्ट बना सकते हो या फिर जो दिए है उस प्रोजेक्ट में बदलाव कर सकते हो , अगर आप प्रोग्रामिंग बैकग्राउंड से नहीं हो तो चिंता करने की जरुरत नहीं है क्यूंकि प्रोग्रामिंग कॉन्सेप्ट भी मैंने डिटेल में बताये है |

This course creates and Provided on the Learn More app by Satish Dhawale for any query related to the course you can contact us on this Whatsapp number: +91 8591597259  we will be happy to help you

Note: First 3 Videos are unlocked to check the quality of teaching & All practice files can be download at once download link is available in Part no 4,5,6 check below the video (Download all Practice file Button)

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  • 100 + Video Tutorials
  • 100 + Practice Files
  • Lifetime Access
  • Course Test
  • Course Completion ISO Certificate
  • Lifetime Course Updates

materials include

  • Variable in VBA
  • If and nested in VBA
  • For Loop in VBA
  • Do While Loop
  • Classes and Objects
  • Collection Loops
  • Type of Message Box
  • Array in VBA
  • Functions in VBA
  • UDF in VBA
  • User forms in VBA
  • Web Scraping in VBA
  • Excel To Outlook Connection

course content

123 Lessons30h

VBA Basic (8 Videos)

VBA – IF Condition (5 videos)

Loops in VBA (4 videos)

Projects with using Loops (8 videos)

Message box and Input box in VBA (3 videos)

Project On Sheets (5 videos)

Object And Class (1 video)

Collection Loops (4 videos)

Workbook command and its Projects (9 videos)

Nested Loop (2 videos)

Array in VBA (14 videos)

Functions In VBA (18 videos)

User Defined Function In VBA (8 videos)

User Form In VBA (12 videos)

Excel To Outlook (5 Videos)

Web Scraping In VBA (6 Videos)

VBA Events (3 Video) *New Chapter*

Project In VBA

VBA Assignments with Video Answers (3 Videos)

VBA Final Exam

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Vba शिकण्याची माझी खूप इच्छा होती आणि तुम्ही पूर्ण केली खूप खूप धन्यवाद सर एवढा चांगला कोर्स दिल्याबद्दल

thanks you so much sir

A huge Salute to you Satish Ji. You are genius, hats off to all your efforts. Great Tutor and Mentor!!

Thanks You sir For this Course..

Dear Sir
I was waiting for such a course for a long time and thank you for providing the course at such a reasonable price
And Keep doing similar courses in the future also.

मी excel मध्ये १,२ लहान micro recording ने project तयार केले , त्यानंतर मला vba शिकण्याची इच्छा झाली. आणि नेमकाच हा course तुमच्या side वर उपलब्ध झाला.

तुमची शिकवण्याची पद्धत खुप छान आहे.

Good sir your explanation are so simple and understanding

Dear Satish Sir
I am big fan of you and ajay sir.

I am also waiting for your VBA course ..

Thanks a lot...

Aapke samjhane ka andaz nirala hai...

Thanks once again

Pankaj pathak

Respected sir, is course ka mai besabrise intzar kar raha tha, aaj jaise aapne launch kiya maine enrolled kiya aur pehle 5 video dekhe aur bas aapne aap ko review dene se rok nahi paya, sir you deserve 5 out 5, bahot mehant liyi hai aapne course me, persentation ke sath vba ko explain karne ka tarika mujhe pasand aaya. pehle bahut video maine dekhe par vba bheje me hi nahi jata tha par ab sab kuch samj raha hai, dil se shukriya sir mujhe ye office ke liye bahut jaruri tha.