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Daily Computer Knowledge Check Test 42

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Daily Computer Knowledge Check Test 42

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The browser area can be divided into different scrollable areas which are called frames.

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In Internet Explorer, you can use the "Refresh" button to reload a web page.

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When you want to visit a website, you can type the website address or URL in the ‐‐‐‐‐

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Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and Mozilla are some examples of the browser applications that are commonly used

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……... supports direct, “live” electronic communication between two or more persons.

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On a web page, if your pointer suddenly changes to a hand, what have you found?

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Which of the following is not a way of communicating using the Internet?

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What kind of software would you use to look at web pages on the Internet?

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What do you select if you want to delete temporary files, history, cookies, etc.?

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When you want to answer an e‐mail message that you have received on Internet ,you click on the _____.

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