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Daily Computer Knowledge Check Test 26

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Daily Computer Knowledge Check Test 26

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This type of mouse emits and senses light to detect mouse movement

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Any data or instructions used by a computer to perform some specific action is known as …

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Monitor screen allowing actions or commands to be entered by the touch of a finger is known as ...

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Smallest unit on the screen that can be turned ON and OFF to make different shades of individual dots that form images on a monitor is known as…

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Device that typically rolls on the desktop and directs the cursor on the display screen is known as …

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You want to send photographs of opening ceremony of your new office to all the employees. Referring to the above event identify the specific device you will use.

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This device is having different keys like alphabets, numbers, arrow keys etc. Identify this device.

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Joystick is very useful in playing speed games

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The functions of a mouse and a trackball are different

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Touch surface is a pointing device

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